Limitations of Design – What They Mean

Design limitations - Just a few important ones to noteIf you have ever discussed with me anything about design work and what I can do, you may have heard me talk about limitations; The defining feature of design. Nothing in design can be finished without knowing its limitations. Otherwise everything would be much larger than they are, in which we could not use them in vehicles as easily. Even in HT environments, some LF acoustical models cannot effectively be optimized due to physical constraints. Read more [...]

The Effects of Limiting Beliefs

We all have beliefs and some of them serve us very well, but there are other beliefs that we have that limit us in our lives. Sometimes they are recognized as actually a belief, but many times these limiting beliefs come masked as a fear or disabling emotion.They can be very evident on the surface or they can be reflected in unconscious thoughts and actions. They will generally keep a person from doing something they desire to do or they may just make the person feel too weak and disempowered Read more [...]

It’s All BS! Belief Systems – How to Identify and Rewire Your Limiting Beliefs

Beliefs are your building materials, the very blueprint from which you build your life. If you are using a belief system that is out of alignment with your true self, who you really are, you are building a life that does not reflect who you truly are. Belief Systems can be empowering or limiting.A Belief is just a thought you keep thinking, making it true for you. That means that not all of your beliefs are true. Believing in them is what makes it TRUE FOR YOU. Your beliefs are what you filter Read more [...]

Requirements Imposed on Limited Civil Litigation in the State of California

The topic of this article is a brief discussion of the statutes governing limited civil litigation in California. The statutes governing this are found in Sections 85 through 100 of the Code of Civil Procedure.Anyone involved in limited civil litigation should carefully read the statutes as the author has worked on numerous cases where the opposing party, including opposing counsel, has propounded an excessive number of discovery requests, and/or has propounded special interrogatories or requests Read more [...]